PCT Section D


Interstate 15 near Cajon Pass to Agua Dulce, CA.

112.5 Miles



Section D begins where the PCT crosses under Interstate 15 about one-half mile South of Cajon Junction at about 3000 feet.  The trail initially heads Southwest and crosses the San Andreas Rift Zone.  It turns West Northwest gaining elevation in the San Gabriel Mountains and parallels the San Andreas Rift Zone on its West side.  The trail reaches 8200 feet just South of Wrightwood, CA in 22 miles from the beginning of Section D. The trail continues Westerly undulating in the San Gabriel Mountains reaching a high point of 9200 feet before eventually descending to 2400 feet to cross under Highway 14 just South of Agua Dulce, CA which marks the end of Section D. Pictures of Section D are divided into the categories shown below.  Click on the links and use your Browsers Back Button for navigation.